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  • Need someone to look after your dog or feed your cat while you go away or to give you a break? We can help.
  • WE OFFER TWO SOLUTIONS- both mean your buddy wont to have to suffer being locked up in kennels or a cattery.
  • We will visit your residence, feed, exercise, and play with your buddy in your absence. Obviously we will check on their security and wellbeing at the same time. For dogs we would recommend at least two visits per day, cats one visit a day is normal.
  • We will care for your dog at our place in the city- they become part of our family in your absence. Places are strictly limited as they sleep inside with our dog and receive the same loving attention. 
  • Cats $29 per visit-additional charge for each extra cat- includes feeding. playing, filling up water containers, collecting mail and property check,(there is also $10 a surcharge for dirt box cleaning )
  • Dogs $47 per visit - includes walking, feeding and play(additional dogs extra)
  • Over night $75 per night- includes walks, play, love and attention. (additional dogs extra) Pick up before 1pm on day following.

If this sounds like your pet contact us here