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  • Dogs love to socialise with other dogs.
  • They also love variety such as the beach, parks and bush for their exercise.
  • Groups are kept small to so that we can can get to know your dog, and they us- it allows for a lot of affection and trust - your buddy is not just another number with us.
  • Dogs are assessed first to find the best new friends for them
  • Good behavior is reinforced and bad behavior discouraged.
  • We offer two different walking experiences for your pet: off-lead and on-lead walking


On-lead - Paw Walkies

  • On-lead walks for dogs that require more guidance in their exercising..
  • On-lead walks allow us to encourage good behavior, particularly getting a dog to walk at heel.
  • On-lead walks maintain the variety that dogs love just as much as you but in a controlled manner..

Off-lead - Paw Time

  • Off-lead walks allow your pet to explore in a safely designated off-leash area
  • Off-lead walks offer your dog the opportunity to maximise all sensory experiences
  • Off-lead walks encourage a dog to be their true selves around other dogs!
  • Paw Time also encourages playing- with a ball or other dog toys.


  • Pricing includes picking up and returning your Buddy
  • All walks are for approximately one hour plus transportation time
  • Two walks per week                    $55.50 each
  • Three walks per week                 $50.50 each
  • Four or five walks per week       $47.50 each
  • Family (each extra member)      $35.00 each
  • Play all day (2 walks same day  $65.00 each
  • Custom walks and training also available POA

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